Monday, 14 January 2013

Free Artisteer Software

Artisteer is one of the easiest software for the design  website and blogs. If you need this software you can reach me on the following e-mail address:

Saturday, 3 September 2011

How to Increase Web Traffic to your Blog

Increasing your blog/website traffic is an essential strategy that every internet marketer/blogger must follow if they want to earn income from their website or blog. You need to work hard to build some traffic and readership to your new blog. It is going to be hard to earn any income,let alone make a profit, on your blog if no one is reading it. Below is a list of my favourite websites  that will increase your website traffic:
  1. Facebook - This is one of the most popular social networking site. You can increase your website traffic(visitors) by building facebook fanpage.
  2. - Have a twitter account ? Create a twitter account if you don't have.Build up your twitter followers and tweet about your website or blog to increase your website traffic.
  3. - This is the best place to write articles and earn money.Once you join hubpages ,you have to start writing quality articles on a topic of your choice. Hubpages rank  extremely high in the search engines. This is a must have tool to increase your website or blogs traffic levels.
  4. - Write articles that is related to your website, or blog to increase your website visitors.
  5. - This is another high powered article directory for you to submit your articles.
  6. - This is a good site where you can make money by reviewing, promoting products and drive traffic to your site.
  7. - Create a squidoo lens to promote your website or blog. Squidoo is a great traffic source for your website or blog.
  8. Social Bookmarking Sites - Make sure you submit your blog or website to the top social bookmarking sites. ,Google bookmarks,Yahoo bookmarks, Msn bookmarks, Stumbleupon, Delicious , Furl , Reddit ,etc
   The list of websites to use to start driving traffic to your blog or website  is inexhaustive. Start earning huge income  by sending visitors regularly to your website.

Monday, 22 August 2011

How to Create a Blog and Make Huge Profit

Blogging is one of the profitable online business. There are many successful bloggers who are blogging for business and making huge profit from it.
One of the best and most  lucrative ways of making money on the internet is through monetized blogging. What this means is that you make money by creating blogs and then adding google adsense ads to the blogs and then promoting the adsense monetized blogs.
The interesting part about having your own google adsense monetized blog is that you get the full click price from each blog visitor that click on your ad. It is very easy to make hundreds and even thousands by monetization of your blog. It shouldn't  take you more than 20 minutes to set up one. Just follow the simple steps below ;
Step 1
  • Go to and sign up for a blogger account. Use a gmail account if you have one, or sign up for one if you don't have.
  • Once you log into click on create a blog option.
  • Name your blog, give it an interesting name or any name that is related to the content you'll be posting.
  • Create some interesting contents based on your hobbies, experiences,skills etc.
Step 2.
  • Open up a google adsense account. You can do this by going to the google adsense web page and signing up. You will then get a publisher ID that you will use in your blogger ads so that google can track your visitors, clicks and earnings.
Step 3.
  • Go to your blogger blog and start adding the google ads to your blog. You can do this through the blog customization page. To maximize your blog revenue, always add up to three adsense rows per blog.
Step 4.
  • Start promoting your blog by sending visitors to your blog so that you start earning revenue instantly. This is where most people go wrong. What's the use of setting up a blog with google adsense without sending traffic to it ? sure, it's a waste of time!
  • promote your adsense monetized blogs on every free advertising network and free search engine submission sites as you can.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Making Money Online as a Web Worker

Making money online can be very interesting.What do you think motivates a person to quit his day job and go web working full time? There are many reasons that makes individuals to leave their job for online business. This could be because of the global recession affecting countries all over the world, desire/passion for online business to being your own boss.
There are many ways of making money online as a web worker;
  1. Blog for Pay :Writing post on interesting topics on your blog that you can publish on different blogging platforms like wordpress, joomla, blogger or typepad
  2. Affiliate Marketing: This is a very popular pratice on the internet.Under this system you have a merchant that is willing to let other people sell directly or indirectly their product and services in exchange for a commission.
  3. Paid Surveys and Polls: there are services that will pay you money to run a small survey on your website.
  4. Offering Consulting and Related Services: Depending on your area of specialization/expertise, you can make money by offering consulting and related services like designing website or blog.
The list is many depending on the area one has expertise/passion on. Making money online is not a get rich quick method for the lazy/indolent minded people.It takes a lot of time, research and energy to put up a passive income generating model.